• Centrifugal injection jewelry casting system with pneumatic movement for fast coil descent

  • Internal water cooling system with pressure and water temperature control

  • Centrifugal arm balancing with adjustable counterweight

  • Advanced digital control panel with status and diagnostics messages

  • Melting power regulation from 10% to 100%

  • DC motor with reduction gear and adjustable acceleration from 0.1 to 1 sec.

  • Max rotating speed – 500 rpm. Rotation timeout pre-set at 40 sec.

  • Auto locking of the chamber lid during centrifugal phase for maximum safety

  • Integral vacuum pump (EC-12 model)

  • Inert (argon or nitrogen) gas circuit included (EC-12 model)

Easy Cast J


Super Cast J

  • Fully automatic (one button) or manual casting cycle

  • Built-in vacuum pump and inert gas (argon or nitrogen) circuit

  • Coil rotation with arm and flask – metal is continuously heated and injected while the coil rotates

  • Accurate temperature reader with advanced temperature controller and metal emissivity regulation

  • Allows casting with precious stones in place

  • Advanced, highly efficient induction heating technology

  • Modern 5” full color LCD touch control panel

  • Multiple user programs with many pre-programmed settings

  • Special programs for titanium casting (Supercast J5 models)

  • Easy to install and very simple and safe to operate




  • Adjustable Timer (1 – 30min) with audible sound

  • Power regulation (10 – 100%)

  • Build-in temperature reader

  • with optional thermocouple probe

  • LED panel displaying Power, Time and Temperature

  • Effective coil overheating protection